2017 Year in Review

As this year comes to a close, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the biggest fintech happenings of 2017. Allow us to refresh your memory…

Scope and Scale…or Fail

In order to scale, you need scope and in order to have scope, you need scale. It’s the classic chicken and egg strategic scenario. We’ve seen how scale and scope can help, but on their own, they’re a three-legged stool. Technical innovation is the missing leg to complement them for true success. So the question for both incumbent and new entrant financial institutions is: How can you gain scope and scale? Learn from these failures and successes…

Unbundlings: Disrupting the Disruptors  

Will Asset Managers move closer to customer relationships as they race to acquire more assets? We looked at some of the behavioral shifts in digital and customer expectations and found that consumer attention is increasingly tricky and even more expensive to get. In order to create stickiness, financial Institutions need to start using latent technology, data, and other signals to surface the component of their customer journey at the right time (and the technology and messaging platforms need to be able to deliver). Find out how in this three-part post…

The Importance of Understanding the Psychographics of your Consumer  

The psychographics of consumers — their activities, interests, and opinions — are the underexploited levers that could drive Finance Companies and Financial Apps. In order to create stickiness and build a relationship, we found that companies need to focus on what the customer feels — not who they are. Be wary of throwing stuff at a user and distracting them from why they came to your site in the first place — lean into your strength. Learn how to use psychographics to your advantage…

FAANGS In Finance

Earlier this year we documented the upside opportunity for Google, Facebook, and Amazon to build financial services products, following in the footsteps of their Chinese counterparts Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba. We also explored the potential of Financial Institutions bringing their customer journey into the FAANGs experience. Learn more about how you can — and should — use these FAANGS to your benefit…

What’s Next for the Robo-Advisor?

First championed by venture-backed startups, the robo-advisor was quickly replicated by incumbent firms. Today, the startups in the space are seeing declining growth rates, while competing with the incumbents they once threatened. To achieve staying power as stand-alone companies, the next generation of wealth management startups will need to invest heavily in cutting-edge technology, not clever marketing. Find out Where Robo-Advisors Went Wrong…

Stay tuned for our look ahead to 2018…

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