Is FinTech Failing?

No one is denying that the FinTech space is ripe with innovation. What most fail to realize though, is that mainstream media outlets tend to report on us with a survivor bias. If you look around, you may have noticed quite a few FinTech companies are going under (click here to see a piece by Benzinga that includes a slew of failed companies).

While VC funding is often cyclical, there are still many unicorns in existence. Despite not being household names, Square had a successful IPO, and Stripe, Transferwise, and Addepar all received lofty valuations. In 2016 overall, FinTech companies received $36 billion in funding across from over 1700 unique investors.


While this was a $2bN decrease from 2015 funding, the growth cycle for FinTech companies is longer. Historically, the average time for IPO or Exit looks something like the chart below. The mass “buzz” factor tends to be quieter, and the sales cycle longer.  



While we don’t deny the foundational shift against app-based ad-supported businesses, we also see big opportunities. As we deploy our SDK solution on more than 100 partner apps, these apps have seen a 3-4x boost in user engagement and awareness. This is a measurement of enabling financial institution customers to take actions on publisher apps, and these financial institutions are increasingly moving towards “action” based compensation. This is a systemic shift towards enabling technologies like ours to provide the basis for monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and action based incentives.

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