Fintech News: March 10th, 2017

This week in Fintech: 72 hours until the Bitcoin ETF decision, and discrimination in online lending practices.

Bitcoin May Go Boom if SEC Approves Winklevoss ETF (Fortune Tech)

The Winklevoss twins filed their Bitcoin ETF application four years ago. The SEC’s decision on whether or not to approve it is due Monday the 13th. The decision has huge implications for mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies, beyond illegal transactions and funneling assets out of China. In the short term, Bitcoin price is shooting up from speculation. Stay tuned.

Is it OK for lending algorithms to favor Ivy League schools? (American Banker)

While fintech companies often claim to be more inclusive, online lending algos are drawing criticism for favoring Ivy League graduates. Recent research shows that less prestigious institutions outpace the Ivy League, when it comes to getting poor kids into the 1% in their adult careers. In short, there is still room for debate over which assumptions should govern alternative lending.


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