Fintech News: December 9th, 2016

This week in fintech: Transforming financial UX in 2017, a changing regulatory environment and what it means for financial advisors, the Fed expresses interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain:

10 UX Design Trends for 2017 (The Financial Brand)

As financial institutions become more customer-centric, their UX is becoming more important. Notably, UX in 2017 will be transformed by deeper understanding of financial psychology, mobile domination, increased personalization, and alternative UIs: think chatbots, intelligent assistants, and VR technology.

What Advisors Can Expect from Fintech Next Year (Investopedia)

In the last year, advisors have been scrambling to comply with fiduciary rules, using new tech solutions. Donald Trump has promised to dismantle Dodd-Frank and fiduciary rules, which requires all financial advisors to act in their clients’ best interests. However, FinTech continues to build solutions for advisors to become fiduciaries. Despite Trump’s promises, the overall long-term trend is still heading towards consumer protection.

Regtech thrives on change: welcoming Trump, Brexit and China (Daily Fintech)

RegTech, also known as FinTech’s homely cousin, is making back-office financial services more efficient, replacing old legacy infrastructure. In the US, less regulation will not necessarily mean less RegTech, since any change in existing laws opens up new opportunities and clients for RegTech solution providers.

Fed Outlines Approach to Monitoring Fintech (The Wall Street Journal)

On Monday, the Fed released research on the future of Fintech regulation. While it contained no firm policies, it underlined the need for more studies especially on Bitcoin and Blockchain.

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