Fintech News: November 18th, 2016

The Next Generation of Hedge Fund Stars: Data-Crunching Computers (The New York Times)

The future of hedge funds isn’t the billionaire stock picker like George Soros or Carl Icahn, it’s a supercomputer guided by mathematical trading equations. The industry is witnessing a split, with some funds moving to long-term performance strategies and others embracing quantitative strategies. For example, BlackRock’s quant trading arm uses satellite images of China’s largest construction projects to trade their real estate market.

Wells Fargo makes move into robo-advisor market (Financial Times)

Wells Fargo has joined other incumbent firms in creating its own robo-advisor product, through a white-label with SigFig, one of the original robo-advisor startups. Experts say it will restore trust for the company, since algorithms rarely create fake accounts and PIN numbers.


Three market opportunities in Insurance Asset Management (Daily Fintech)

New opportunities arise where WealthTech and InsurTech overlap.

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