Fintech News: November 4th, 2016

Another major US broker launches its own robo-advisor, analyzing your investments with phi, P2P lenders court retail investors, and the enormous cash pile in the US:

Thomson Reuters to cut 2000 jobs (Finextra)

Thomson Reuters, the financial news & data giant, is laying off 2% of its workforce as the company streamlines its business and cuts labor costs.

TD Ameritrade to launch robo-advisor for novice investors (Finextra)

TD Ameritrade has joined other incumbent brokers in offering its own robo-advisor: Essential Portfolios. The new automated-ETF portfolios will require a $5,000 minimum deposit and charge a flat fee of .30% of assets.

Aligning Your Investments with What Motivates You (The New York Times)

Phi is joining alpha, beta and gamma as the newest frat house way to analyze your investments. A byproduct of recent movements toward socially-conscious investing, phi serves as a measure of how well your investments are aligned with your values and beliefs.

Oh, the things you could do with the enormous cash pile! (Daily Fintech)

Starbucks and PayPal have more cash on hand than some national banks. As the US cash supply grows, more and more investment startups are trying to convince young consumers to put that cash into securities.

Fintech’s Struggling Lenders Want Your Help (The Wall Street Journal)

More online lenders are looking to raise capital from retail investors, as money managers remain skittish of P2P loans. Lenders are drawn in by attractively high yields (around 4-10%) at a time when bond yields are near-zero. However, high management fees continues to make traditional bonds look cheaper.

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