Fintech News: August 12th, 2016

How can we fix crowdfunding? Who will be the Uber of finance? Finding yield after 2008, and introducing the ETF’s sexy cousin, the PTF. This week’s fintech picks:

Will There Ever Be An Advisor Platform Like Uber Or Airbnb? (Wealth Management)

Capital_Markets_Advisory_iconThere are plenty of startups trying to become the “Uber of Financial Advisors.” The platform model might work for highly specific financial advice, if not for all-in-one advisors. Critics say the Uber model only works for services that require people to keep paying for lasting benefit. Our questions and concerns:

  1. If you need a financial advisor in the next 5 minutes, isn’t it too late?
  2. Will there be surge pricing?

Pain Points: Calling on Fintech

Income: Any Fintech to Fill In the Supply Shortage? (Daily Fintech)


Yields are drying up. Can fintech fix this?

Everyone’s chasing “low-risk” yield after 8 years of near-zero interest rates. (Pour one out for the CDO…) Can financial engineering help us make money from our money?

Platform Traded Funds (PTFs): The Next Innovation? (Daily Fintech) 

A platform for ETFs – both actively and passively managed, with no minimums. Could this be the next big innovative financial product?

Risks in the Crowdfunding Industry (Bank NXT)

Beneath the high-profile crowdfunding uh-ohs, there are true underlying risks to the business model. Pooled risk, lack of transparency, and limited risk from platform providers are holding back the crowdfunding industry from fulfilling its many use cases. Ahem, regulators?

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