Fintech News: August 5th, 2016

 The Great FinTech Robo Advisor Race (Forbes)

1-C9o-3tl-cnY8Sq4ROTyCbQ.jpegThe robo-advisor market is now crowded with incumbent brokers in addition to startups. While robo-advisors began as a way to get young investors to enter the market, today, they target anyone under the age of 55, as most middle aged investors are also interested in opening an algorithmically managed portfolio. This editor predicts an AUM race that will ultimately end in consolidation.

The 27 fintech unicorns from around the world, ranked by value (Business Insider)

From Adyen to Zenefits, these are the 27 largest fintech startups by valuation.

fintech unicorns.png

Cover fee to the unicorn club: A valuation over $1 Billion. Source: LetsTalkPayments

Looking beyond the hype at fintech in Southeast Asia (TechCrunch)

Most of SE Asia’s innovation in assets and wealth management is concentrated around retail brokerages, with the exception of Singapore. There, the fintechs have begun to climb the value chain into B2B solutions and the FX trading industry.

fintech funding southeast asia.png

Most of the money is still in Payments. Source: TechCrunch 

You Don’t Really Own Your Securities; Can Blockchains Fix That? (American Banker)


Technically, the DTCC owns all your stocks.

Most publicly traded equities are technically owned by a third party depository, who holds securities for some 600 banks and broker dealers. This setup is largely unimportant for the individual investor, unless one of the intermediaries ends up going bankrupt during the three-day clearing window (think Lehman…) Blockchain can eliminate this liabilility, and the state of Delaware, where most public companies are incorporated, is looking into it as a solution.

Scottrade launches social media intelligence platform (Finextra)

Twitter dollarScottrade has added a social media event detection feature, Contix, to its ELITE retail brokerage subscribers. The tool helps traders stay up to date with market-moving news as soon as it happens. Contix boasts the capability to beat the major news outlets, announcing breaking news 15 minutes to 1 hour before it’s Wall St Chatter. Tools like this are especially useful to retail traders who often lose big time to algo traders.



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