Tradeit Integrates Nasdaq Basic Real-time Market Data

Integration brings real-time market data to TradeIt’s investing technology products

TradeIt, a retail investing technology provider, has integrated Nasdaq Basic to provide real-time Best Bid and Offer and Last Sale information for all US exchange-listed stocks from the Nasdaq Market Center and the FINRA/Nasdaq Trade Reporting Facility™. Through Nasdaq Basic, TradeIt customers will now have access to the single largest liquidity pool for US cash-listed equities in a reliable and accurate feed.

“Time is money, and overnight quote updates hold you back,” said CEO Nathan Richardson. “Nasdaq’s data enables our product to update in real-time, so our users are never a moment behind the market. They can check their portfolios from anywhere at any time.”

TradeIt’s technology enables real-time account management and ordering from any app with most US brokers.  With the addition of Nasdaq data, users can see the market data and their portfolios update in real-time, versus the typical 15-minute delay in other stock quote data.

TradeIt’s end-users, who are retail investors, trade about 4x more often than the average retail client. These engaged traders watch the markets closely and often make trade decisions on the spot. Incorporating real-time quote data is essential to making investing as seamless as possible for these users.

Real-time account aggregation and live trading are available as APIs, SDKs and widgets for developers of financial apps, websites or ETF companies. By integrating with TradeIt’s SDK package, mobile developers can turn their financial app into a multi-broker order and portfolio management platform by adding a few lines of code.

About TradeIt

TradeIt is a technology that lets app developers, publishers and ETF issuers integrate any major US retail broker’s functionality on any app, website or platform to enable secure trading, account management and account opening. TradeIt was developed by venture-backed, award-winning technology company, Trading Ticket, Inc., which creates technology and tools to make investing fast, easy and safe for all retail investors. Founded in 2014, the company’s products span across account opening, funding, order management and communication. Lead investors include Valar Ventures and Citi Ventures. For more information or for a demo of how TradeIt works, please visit

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