Fintech News: June 17th, 2016

Why Passive Investing Increases Corporate Activism (Knowledge @ Wharton)

Many market observers have assumed that passive investing decreases pressures on individual CEOs or board members to produce real change in their companies. However, a recent study found the opposite: since funds are stuck with certain stocks, fund investors have extra incentive to improve those companies, compared to active investors who can simply drop any investment in a poorly run firm.

The Blackrock tale told in the UK: ETFs & Robo-advisors (Daily Fintech)

roboIn the US, 50% of ETF volume is from retail. In Europe, it is only 5%. European robo-advisors are lagging their US counterparts in AUM, customers, revenues, but is it an emerging opportunity or a dead-end to chase the European market?

Five factors that differentiate Africa’s fintech (CNBC Africa)

africa_origami_01.jpgUnlike North American and European fintech, African fintech has no established financial services to “disrupt.” Instead, they’re building an entirely new infrastructure from scratch. 80% of the continent has no access to financial services. The desktop market never developed; the mobile market is coming first, and big data is a bigger deal.

The Wealth Management Relationship: The Data or the Advisor? (Finance Magnates)

As wealth continues to move towards younger, tech-savvy hands, the debate continues: are human advisory firms becoming irrelevant? Robo-advisors are betting that data is important enough to replace humans, but might need to spend more time thinking about how to leverage their data for decisions.

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