Move with the Markets: Introducing Portfolio View

Today we’re excited to announce a signature product that brings seamless retail investing to any app or website. Introducing Portfolio View: the first real time investing aggregation service.

With real time stock quotes, you’ll never miss a beat on the markets. Portfolio View features multi-broker integration and TouchID-enabled trading, so you can make fast, confident trades from anywhere, and never miss an opportunity.
portfolio 1Real Time Stock Quotes

Time is money, and overnight updates hold you back. With stock quotes that update in real time, Portfolio View makes sure you’re never a moment behind the market.

Any Account, Any Broker

With multibroker portfolio integration, see all your holdings & buying power, no matter which broker you use.



portfolio 2.pngSave Time, Make Money

Login with TouchID so you never miss a trade.

Still Safe & Secure

We use 256-bit encryption to place your order, and we never store your information.

Portfolio View is coming soon to our network of app partners. Now, when the market moves, you can move with it.

Developer? See the documentation here.

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