FinTech News: January 15th, 2016

This week in FinTech: predictions for bitcoin, robo-advisors, and the stock market in 2016, originators vs enablers, social media stalking, and more.

Ten Predictions for the FinTech Industry in 2016

The Finance-FinTech divide will blur, mobile wallets continue to struggle, robo-advisors will lose customers when the stock market crashes, and more.

Forget FinTech Originators, the ‘Enablers’ Are Here

Take a look at the 2015 “Fintech 100.” Many of these companies are working with incumbents, rather than driving them out. Related: “APIs drive Innovation in Retail Investing”

TD Ameritrade Launches New App for Windows 10:

TD sees 17% of trades on mobile, with year-over-year growth of 16%, making it the industry leader in mobile trading.

Invesco Acquires Jemstep for Undisclosed Sum

Invesco, the investment management firm, has acquired Jemstep, a startup that builds financial “Action Plans” and other personalized advice.



BBVA’s Answer to the Call for Robo-Advisers: a FinTech Partnership

BBVA is going to use Future Advisor’s robo-advisory software for its clients, which helps with tasks like combining orphaned 401(k) accounts. Includes a nice overview of the increasingly crowded robo-advisory sphere.

Bloomberg buys tech to monitor employee chat on social media

This service lets employers monitor suspicious activity on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, AOL, Yahoo Messenger, Skype etc. Though if your employees are still chatting on AOL, you probably have bigger problems…

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