FinTech News: December 29th, 2015

Did you keep up with FinTech news this Christmas? Here are last week’s highlights:

Securities and Exchange Commission; SEC

Photo by Andrew Harnik. Source: Wired

Another step forward for blockchain: has been cleared to issue company stock via Bitcoin’s Blockchain. Is Blockchain the future of investing? It’s likely too early to say. Read more at Wired.


Active vs. Passive Investing: Which is right for you? Passive investing generally has lower fees, but guarantees you’ll never beat the market. Active investing gives investors more control, but can rev up their market anxieties. Read more at CNBC.


Some nerdier reads from Academia: The top 10 digital news and social media research of 2015. On the list: Political “Echo Chambers” on Twitter, how metrics drive work culture, optimizing UI design, and more. Read more at Nieman Lab.


BI’s Latest FinTech report: Different challenges for banks and startups, the blockchain wildcard, and more. Full report can be purchased 567310f02340f894008b676b.jpegat Business Insider.


FinTech 2015 in review: APIs, Investing as a service, selfie-pay, robo-advisors, and more. Read more at Finance Magnates.


Check back next week for our first news update of 2016. Happy New Year

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